Women’s Global Leadership Journey
2019 WINCorporate Forum Geneva

Creating an Inclusive Organization


"Accelerating Change - Inclusion and Innovation in Action"


March 2019 | Geneva, Switzerland


Join us as we gather to discuss how to create courageous, inclusive and innovative organizations - organizations that are actively shaping a future in which we all thrive.


We are leading and working in an environment of unprecedented change at a global level whether it be technological innovation, automation and social changes. The #metoo campaign, the HeforShe campaign, Time's Up and the wave of dismissals of people in power are raising questions about how we interact with each other.


We will begin by exploring what the larger trends and changes mean for companies and for both women and men as individuals? We will also uncover what each and every one of us needs to do to create an organization that is inclusive and that will form a sustainable future.


How do we overcome the hurdles that prevent us from being ourselves, feeling valued, speaking out and stepping up? What are the meaningful innovations that stem from a culture of inclusion? How can we be the highest versions of ourselves - conscious leaders at work and in other areas of our lives?


We gather to look at best practices and to explore how to accelerate positive change.






9.45 Arrival and Welcome Coffee


10.00 Welcome and Introduction to the Topic


What is going on? What are the changes in our environment and how do they impact how we approach our strategy? How do we go about creating an inclusive culture, recognizing its importance to innovation and a sustainable future? How can we consciously start building the relationships that begin this process?

10.30 Keynote Address


What is the research saying about environments in which women thrive? How can organizations create a culture that accelerates women as well as the right men into leadership?  How does inclusion make it easier to innovate and what are the consequences of not recognizing its importance?

11.10 Coffee Break


11.30 Corporate Panel: Creating an Innovative and Inclusive Organization


Corporate leaders, passionate about the topic of inclusion, share D&I practices from their organizations. How can we move from a place of separation to one of inclusion and integration in which creativity and innovation take place? We will explore lessons learned and share practical tools for creating an inclusive organization. We will also listen for what is about to emerge and how we can plan for the future. 


13.00 Lunch


14.00 Key Note Address


14.20 Introduction to Group Work


14.30 Forum Discussion


Working groups will explore:

  •      Harassment at work
  •      Governance and Power
  •      HR & Talent Management and Engagement
  •      Mentoring, Networks, and Sponsorship


15.15 Concluding Remarks

15.45 Final Coffee

16.15 The End