Women’s Global Leadership Journey
Middle East WINConference 2018

2018 WINConference - Middle East

Exact date and venue to be confirmed

Empowered women are the key to a successful and sustainable future – for our planet, our communities and our businesses.

Developed by women for both women and men, the 2018 WINConference - Middle East is the cutting-edge leadership development platform for outstanding professionals, entrepreneurs and executives working in the Middle East and worldwide. It is designed to uplift the regional and global dialogue on diversity and inclusion through advocacy and accountability. During the event, you will learn about international best practices from innovative and qualified speakers. You will also connect with participants who bring with them diverse local and international experience from a variety of backgrounds and from all aspects of life.

The event will give you the inspiration, knowledge, practical tools and network of support to help you succeed and prepare for the future. You will experience a values-led, caring, collaborative approach that provides connection opportunities that enable you to transform your life. You will begin to explore, learn and experience ways to create fulfilment and success in your life, organization and community using your unique skills, talents and resources.  In particular you will: 

  • Become updated on the emerging global trends and the new changing global context.
  • Learn how feminine leadership style leads to greater individual and organizational success.
  • Explore how organizations and individuals create the future.
  • Gain access to local and international best practices and experiences to elevate the conversation on Gender Equality and create a more inclusive environment.
  • Feel inspired by the amazing success stories of women rising to the top in spite of the unique challenges they faced 
  • Become part of an authentic 2-Way international Dialogue to share wisdom and enhance visibility.
  • Gain access to cutting edge international learning and development solutions in the ME. 
  • WIN’s design and experience uplifts the impact on talent development and the D&I agenda and levels the playing field for all individuals, organizations and communities who can share equally in the opportunity to Lead the way in creating the future.

What is the Middle East WINConference?

A two-day leadership development and networking event that includes plenary sessions, workshops, working forums, a networking lunch and dinner connecting you to new ideas, energy and people. The 2018 WINConference - Middle East will explore: who are the individuals and organizations leading the way with purpose, creating workplaces with meaning, shaping societies in which everyone has freedom of choice and a world in which we all flourish.

Get involved: Become a speaker, a sponsor, an affiliated network and, most importantly, become an active participant.


Wednesday 24 October 

09.30  Opening Ceremony

10:00  Plenary Session: The Global Picture

What’s going on? How do the many changes in the world open new possibilities? What are the new trends that lie ahead?

11.00  Tea & Coffee

11.30  Breakout Sessions and Workshops

Choice of 1 out of 3 to 5 skill-building workshops and working forums

13.00  Lunch

14.30  Plenary Session: The Future of Work

Where do we want to work? Which companies are leading the way and what can be learnt from them? How are companies creating the future with high values, inclusion and integrity? Which are the companies we want to run, work for and buy from?

16.00  Tea & Coffee

16.30  Breakout Sessions and Workshops

Choice of 1 out of 3-5 skills building workshops and working forums

18.00  End of day 1 plenary and workshop sessions

19.30  Gala Dinner & the WINConference – Middle East Award Ceremony

Thursday 25 October 

08.30  Body Mind Awakening Session

09.30  Plenary Session: Women with Vision and the Future Career 

How are women creating their future? How are women leading the way? How can we accelerate our impact? Gain insight into the exceptional journeys of pioneers, career moves, transitions and navigate in a constantly changing environment. 

11.00  Tea & Coffee

11.30  Breakout Sessions

Choice of 1 out of 3-5 skills building workshops and working forums

13.00  Lunch

14.30  Plenary Session: Realizing You – Becoming an Agent of Possibility

How can we realize our own full potential as we contribute to evolving our work and world into a place that benefits all? We ask how to find clarity, enthusiasm, commitment and care while giving and receiving support along the way. 

16.30  Tea & Coffee

16.00  Breakout sessions

Choice of 1 out of 3-5 skills building workshops and working forums.

17:30  Closing Plenary: Connecting to Grow Individually and Expand Collectively

We are interconnected and as we connect to evolve. We are reminded to see eachother In the Right Light. Our networking becomes purposeful and filled with meaning and passion. We explore our stories and journeys as we move forward creating the future integrating the feminine, contributing with authenticity while becoming global leaders. Integrating it all, from the global picture to the individual Call to Action. 

18.00  End of Conference