Women’s Global Leadership Journey

The Agenda



We live in a global environment of unprecedented change and we are making sure we play an active part in today’s technological innovations and socio-eco-political  transformations. The feminine future we have been working for is here and it is fragile. It is time for all of us to step it up and play our part.


We ask: What if your highest vision for the future could be realized? What if there is something not yet imaginable that is waiting to be discovered by us?


Women who come to WIN are increasingly self-aware, awake, empowered and inspired. That has consequences for the world, for work and for our individual lives. What is our role in discovering hidden paths, catching the new as it is emerging, and co-creating and evolving our world in a conscious way? When we come together from around the world we also know something big is about to happen. It always does.


Program Agenda



If you are like so many of the people joining WIN you are pulled by inspiration, meaning and greater purpose. So, we listen to the world’s call for a future benefiting all, and ask each other, the leaders, to be a part of the solution. 


The WINConference offers you a chance to integrate your feminine values with your masculine qualities, contribute authentically and grasp our global interconnected-ness. It creates a safe environment for more mindful networking, learning, sharing, creating and co-creating and the space for your most powerful self to emerge.



What comes alive


Many women long to contribute with vitality and meaning, to find the freedom to put their hearts into action, to assure what they do and who they are matters. This year is very special and we know that it is with urgency that we must step up and become the solution to the challenges of our time. We know it can no longer be done in the old masculine paradigm. We are here to expand the new, to breathe new life into who we are and what we do. We do that together.


So, we explore how to create the organizations you desire to run, work for and buy from. You will also gain insight into evolving opportunities, find creative solutions and clarity in your purpose and discover your universal responsibility and immense potential. You will be with women who support you and who you will support in return.


Success for most women today is linked to integrating the many facets of ourselves while being connected to others and the mysteries of life. We follow rhythms and seasons and we are the renaissance women of our time. And at WIN, we are passionate about connecting and networking in a way that allows you to integrate your feminine power with the healthy masculine, grow your purpose, accelerate your impact, gain influence and become an agent of possibility for others and yourself.


At WIN, we believe that you are ready to expand and accelerate your life and projects to a whole new level. No more time to hesitate and to wait. Now is our time. Whether it is in acting on the global stage or setting our own boundaries, or getting a job done well in a time where there is pressure to act thoughtlessly, or whether it is in speaking up when the easy way is to remain quiet, together we will explore how to make a start. 


Becoming part of WIN gives you a chance to join a bigger vision, an emerging agenda and a powerful network of influence. We offer practical tools for women to express their creativity, acknowledge their authentic strengths and develop new competencies. Become part of the movement and the important revolution happening on the planet now: that of empowered women - with big hearts - who are changing the world.